From very humble beginnings from the floor of a fish and chip shop in Hackney, London came the talent we all know and love to be Metin Salih. When Metin Salih was just 13 years old an advertising executive saw a portrait he painted on the wall of his family fish and chip shop, sketched on chip paper. Little did he know that this moment was the starting point of a 25 year career that's seen him illustrating and designing campaigns for the world's major advertising agencies.


This success sparked Metin Salih's determination to use his art to make an impact on a wider scale. In the late summer of 2017, he met with entrepreneur, Mustafa Kondoz who shared Metin Salih's passion for luxury, bespoke products and the desire to create a brand that championed quality that has a positive impact across the globe. With over 13 years of experience in business, from conception to expansion and a strong passion to give back, Mustafa decided to set up a brand that encompassed all of their passions and beliefs and thus a unique partnership named METIN was born.




A partnership that champions the best craftsmanship and attention to detail to create high quality fashion products with positive, empowering movements. With so many luxury goods in today's market, Metin's mission is to combine quality with an empowering message through art. Each bag tells their own story of passion, drive and the determination to create the very best life possible.